Total amount of ships in the fleet: 226

Manufacturer: Anvil Aerospace
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
hawk  Hawk 2
gladiator  Gladiator 3
hurricane  Hurricane 3
f7c hornet  F7C Hornet
f7c hornet F7C-S Hornet Ghost 3
f7c hornet F7C-R Hornet Tracker 2
f7c hornet F7C Hornet Wildfire
f7c hornet F7C-M Superhornet 13
f8 lighting F8C Lightning 1
terrapin  Terrapin 1
crucible Crucible 2
carrack Carrack 7
Manufacturer: Aegis Dynamics
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
avenger Avenger Stalker 1
avenger Avenger Titan 1
avenger Avenger Renegade 2
avenger Avenger Warlock
gladius Gladius 6
gladius Gladius Valiant 1
sabre Sabre 8
sabre Sabre Comet 4
sabre Sabre Raven 2
eclipse Eclipse 2
redeemer Redeemer 3
retaliator Retaliator 4
vanguard Vanguard Harbinger 1
vanguard Vanguard Hoplite 1
vanguard Vanguard Sentinel 1
vanguard Vanguard Warden 3
vulcan Vulcan 1
hammerhead Hammerhead 5
idris Idris-P Frigate 4
idris Idris-M Frigate 1
javelin Javelin Destroyer 1
reclaimer Reclaimer 3
Manufacturer: Argo Astronautics
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
argo MPUV Cargo 2
argo MPUV Personnel 2
Manufacturer: Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
razor Razor
reliant Reliant Kore
reliant Reliant Mako
reliant Reliant Sen 1
reliant Reliant Tana
prospector Prospector 2
freelancer Freelancer 1
freelancer Freelancer DUR 1
freelancer Freelancer MAX 2
freelancer Freelancer MIS 2
starfarer Starfarer 1
starfarer Starfarer Gemini 3
hull a Hull-A 1
hull b Hull-B 1
hull c Hull-C 2
hull d Hull-D 2
hull e Hull-E 2
Manufacturer: Roberts Space Industries
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
aurora Aurora MR 2
aurora Aurora LX 5
aurora Aurora LN 4
aurora Aurora ES 1
aurora Aurora CL 1
apollo Apollo Triage
apollo Apollo Medivac 1
constellation Constellation Andromeda 4
constellation Constellation Aquila 4
constellation Constellation Phoenix 1
constellation Constellation Taurus 1
polaris Polaris Corvete 3
orion Orion 1
Manufacturer: Consolidated Outland
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
mustang Mustang Alpha 5
mustang Mustang Beta 4
mustang Mustang Gamma 1
mustang Mustang Delta 2
mustang Mustang Omega 1
pioneer Pioneer 1
Manufacturer: Kruger Intergalactic
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
p52 P-52 Merlin 6
p52 P-72 Archimedes 3
Manufacturer: Crusader Industries
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
genesis Genesis Starliner 2
hercules A2 Hercules 1
hercules C2 Hercules
hercules M2 Hercules 2
mercury Mercury Star Runner 3
Manufacturer: Banu Souli
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
banu defender Defender 1
banu merchantman Merchantman 2
Manufacturer: Aopoa
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
nox Nox 2
khartu al Khartu-al 1
Manufacturer: Drake Interplanetary
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
dragonfly Dragonfly 6
vulture Vulture
herald Herald 2
buccaneer Buccaneer 2
cutlass Cutlass Black 7
cutlass Cutlass Blue 3
cutlass Cutlass Red 1
caterpillar Caterpillar 3
Manufacturer: Esperia Inc.
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
blade Blade
glaive Glaive
prowler Prowler 1
scythe Scythe
Manufacturer: Origin Jumpworks GmbH
 Ship# of ships in the fleet
x1 X1 1
x1 X1 Force
x1 X1 Velocity
85x 85x 3
m50 M50 1
100i 100i
100i 125a 1
100i 135c
300i 300i 1
300i 325a 6
300i 315p 3
300i 350r 2
600i 600i 1
890 890 Jump 1