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Battle Fleet Weekly Practice
Saturday 06 March 2021, 07:00pm
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Contact Inform a Command Staff member if you wish to join us.
This is CSG3's Battle Fleet weekly practice. We start gathering about 7pm eastern US time, and the event should start at 8pm. The practice should concentrate on Capital ship and fleet training, but we will remain flexible and perform operations that are appropriate for the number of members present. The highest ranking officer present is in charge, but can pass off that responsibility to a junior officer for officer training. During our operations communication discipline will be expected and enforced. We are here for fun, but unnecessary chatter is to end when the operation begins. Please read and be familiar with FM-01 CSG3 Communication Manual. If you have any suggestions for future training missions, please contact a member of the Command Staff. The practice, at present, is open to everyone registered on our discord server, but, eventually, will be limited to CSG3 members only. CSG3 members are expected to be in the approved uniforms during all scheduled events, or when a number of CSG3 members gather together to run ad-hoc training.
Location Star Citizen Persistent Universe Server