Tuesday, August 04, 2020

NAME: UEES Childress
HULL ID #: FF443

The UEES Childress was one of many Idris-class frigates built in response to the need for increased Navy mobility in light of a new initiative to increase defense against Vanduul raiders. Due to their small size and high speed, coupled with their ability to serve as pocket carriers, Idris corvettes seemed like the optimal choice for rapid-response to the alien menace. This comes at the price of survivability, as the Idris lacks the sheer firepower of say, a Bengal-class carrier. A sufficiently armed, or skilled, squadron of Vanduul ambushers is ever Idris commander’s worst nightmare.

The Childress is no exception to this rule. Throughout its fifteen years of service, she has participated in numerous actions against the Vanduul. Often charged with patrolling the edge of UEE space, it was not uncommon for the Childress to find herself all alone, with no quick access to reinforcements, dry-docks, or supplies. This meant the ship would frequently be caught up in elaborate cat-and-mouse skirmishes with the Vanduul, chasing their raiders back and forth across the borderline. More often than not, the ship and its crews were able to come out on top, eliminating them and any threat they posed to the innocent. But whenever they found themselves victim to an ambush, the Childress and her crews would be pushed to their breaking point, fighting a desperate struggle to survive. Three times in her history, the Childress has limped back to port, held together by little more than spot-wields and a stubborn will to survive, with a shaken crew telling stories of the horrors of space warfare.

It was after the most recent of these defeats, one year ago, that the Childress found herself transferred to Carrier Strike Group 3. The proud ship is beginning to show her age, as military technology inevitably progresses forward, leaving her in the dust. While on the surface her hull gleams like a newly-minted coin from one of the outer worlds, beneath her deck plates lie power connectors barely compatible with the newest generation of Hornet models, carefully improvised links between her older and newer computer systems, and a variety of other oddities that blur the line between engineering disaster and marvel. It is a testament to the skill of CSG-3’s mechanics and engineers that the Childress continues to function at full combat strength, all these years after her launch. She has yet to be tempered once again in the fires of war since joining the Strike Group, but her new crew are certain of one thing. No matter what danger befalls them out in the darkness, so long as they keep her safe, the Childress will carry them home.