Friday, February 26, 2021

Welcome to the Carrier Strike Group 3 (CSG-3). I want to welcome you to our family. I know family is used a lot in online gaming groups, but to us in the CSG-3 it is the way we do things. We are here to make friendships that extend beyond games, respect and maturity are not side thoughts. We are looking at making something special for the Star Citizen game, and I welcome you all to join in on making this the most interactive, immersed, enjoyable, and respectable groups in the 'Verse. This handbook should help to orient you on how things are organized within our Unit.

Salute all,

Vice Admiral Glenn "Pappy" Wade

General Unit Overview

Carrier Strike Group 3 is a United Empire of Earth (UEE) militia unit composed of specialized Navy Squadrons and Capital Ships, Commandos, and a supporting Logistical Corps assembled and placed under the command of Rear Admiral Glenn Wade.

The CSG-3 Navy Squadrons conduct operations to include Fighter Combat/Support, Bomber Support, Logistics Support, Exploration, and large Naval Vessel Operations.

The CSG-3 Commandos conduct operations in Infantry Boarding and Security actions.

The CSG-3 Battle Fleet conducts operations via the Capital Class Ships that are integral to CSG-3. The Battle Fleet contains personnel to include, but not limited to: Enginners, Gunners, Bridge Crew, Ship Captains, and any other position that will be utilized on a Capital Class Ship within CSG-3.

CSG-3 Base Policies

Carrier Strike Group 3 is a role-playing, military simulated Unit for Star Citizen. Our primary goal is to enjoy ourselves with our compatriots inside of the ‘Verse of the game. We strive to act professionally and in a mature manner. We do of course relax and have a good time but know when to conduct ourselves properly as adults. We always strive to leave a good impression of ourselves and the CSG-3 unit with those we encounter and play with in the Star Citizen community. Because of this, adolescent behavior, disrespect and general ‘jackassery’ exhibiting poor judgement is frowned upon. If this conduct continues or is severe enough you may be removed from the unit. We are here to have a good time, role-play some MilSim, and blow up enemy ships.


Operational Security (OPSEC)


Operational security (OPSEC) is a term for a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by adversary intelligence systems, determins if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information.

What does this mean for CSG-3 though? People outside of CSG-3 do not need to know our number and types of ships, like Idris'. They do not need to know any aspect about CSG-3, or our allies within the ACC, that could later be used against us. This does not bar you from talking or having a few drinks with those not from CSG-3. It just means that they do not need to know we are going on an Operation to System X in a few days.

More specifically, here on our Website, ANYONE can read the Community and Fleet Academy portion of the Forums. If you want to post something on the forums that is pertinent to CSG-3, put it in the CSG-3 Comms section or your Squadron's Discussion section. If you have a question about what might fall under OPSEC, feel free to ask your Squadron CO or any higher Officer.

Role-playing Military Simulation

OK, so CSG-3 is a role-playing military simulation for Star Citizen. What exactly does this mean? Mostly this means that the Structure and ‘Flavor’ of the Unit are militarized to fit the UEE Military within Star Citizen. Operational Communications are also militarized which best suits these situations. We strive to keep the fun parts of MilSim which add flavor and role-play aspects to our gaming and leave the rest behind. We are not going to be yelling at each other like drill sergeants, or depicting our ‘Characters’ on a regular basis. The idea is to create immersion in our gaming experience for mutual creative benefit.

hammerhead cockpit1

Your First Four Weeks in the Fleet Academy

When you join the Unit you are considered probationary, given the rank of Cadet, and are placed into the Fleet Academy. During your time as a Cadet, there are a few things that are expected of you.

  • Remain active during their time in the Academy. ie get on TS, post in the forums a few times a week, behavior that denotes actual interest in the unit.
  • Create a Persona or ‘character’ on the CSG-3 site which will be associated with this unit. The steps for this are located in the New Joins Handbook.
  • Join the CSG-3 unit on the RSI website
  • Read, understand, and follow our policy for Voice Comms, our Forums, and our Rules and Regulations found under the CSG-3 Library bar or the New Joins Handbook.
  • Create a biography for your character with CSG-3, more details below.
  • Select a unit for assignment prior to graduation.


Creating your Characters Biography

Being that CSG-3 is a RP unit, each member is requested to create a persona and biography for their character. The following are the basic pieces of information that will be needed to complete this task. Some of this information will already have been completed during your initial application process and should also be used here.

Click the button below and follow the instructions on the post

How to set up your player profile


Voice Comms

voice comms

CSG-3 utilizes Discord for its verbal communications within the unit. Not only for combat operations, we routinely connect to our voice comms server to chit chat and build friendships within the unit. This is the best way to get to know if you are a good fit for the Unit or if the Unit is a best fit for you. It is also a great way to communicate with other members to help decide on a Squadron to join. While currently there is not a policy in place specifying how often you should be logging into our voice comms server it is strongly encouraged. At the point when the game is active enough for us to begin running coordinated operations a policy will most likely be put in place (something akin to requesting you to login to Discord at least once a week).

Specific Unit Organization

Carrier Strike Group 3 is organized into Fleet Command with an associated Naval Aircraft Wing, the 5th Commandos, the CSG-3 Battle Fleet, and the Civilian Logistical Corps.

Fleet Command consists of the Fleet Commander, Fleet Executive Officer, Tactical Officer, Fleet Logistics Officer, and the Captain of the Carrier Air Wing.

Battle Fleet/CSG-3 Fleet consists of the personnel who man and operate the Capital Class Ships for CSG-3.

Navy 3rd Carrier Air Wing consists of the following:

gladius ship
  • Squadron 43 ‘Nomads’ - Fighter Interceptor Squadron
  • Squadron 7 'Grim Reapers’ - Heavy Fighter Attack Squadron
  • Squadron 301 ‘Spartans’ - Heavy Fighter Attack Squadron
  • Squadron 86 'Saberhawks' - Fighter/Gunship Squadron
  • Squadron 101 ‘Ugly Angels’ - Bomber Squadron
  • Squadron 51 ‘Pelicans’ -Torpedo Squadron
  • Squadron 11 ‘Trackers’ -Scout/Exploration Squadron
  • Squadron 217 'Wolf Pack' - Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
  • Squadron 50 ‘DinoSARS’ - Search and Rescue/Logistics Squadron
  • Squadron 353 ‘Wallabies’ - Combat Transport/Logistics Squadron

1st Guardsmen consists of the following:

  • 1st and 2nd Commando Guardsmen for Shipboard Security and Offensive Boarding Actions


Logistical Corps consists of the following:

  • Shipyard Division- The shipyard will handle all of the storage, transferring, and modification of starships designated to be used by CSG-3.
  • Transport Division- The transport division will handle deliveries and movement of cargo between the other divisions as well as to players who are receiving their requisitions.
  • Engineering Division- This division will handle all of the research and production of modifications and ordnance for the Strike Group.
  • Mining Division- All things ore related! Find those rocks and break them into tiny pieces. Bring them to the transport divisions attention and get that ore refined for our happy manufacturers!

You can find more information as well as member assignments for Fleet Command and these Squadrons by clicking on the appropriate links on the Fleet Personnel drop-down menus on the CSG-3 web site. If you would like more details about a particular unit, shoot a PM to that unit’s CO or talk with any of their members.

To Join any of these Squadrons, speak with the Squadron CO about a position. Once you are a member of a Squadron you will be added to the roster and will then be assisted in getting situated.

Below is the general unit organizational structure: