Friday, February 26, 2021


CSG 3 Unit Origins

Already a rising star in the UEEN, Captain Glen “Pappy” Wade became famous for his actions in the Battle of Vega II, where he commanded Destroyer Squadron 89 from the bridge of the UEES Dunlevy.  One of Admiral Ernst Bishop’s most trusted officers, he distinguished himself in battle and was lauded by many for successfully defending Bishop’s left flank from an unexpected Vanduul assault.  Seriously wounded in the attack, he was quickly promoted to Rear Admiral at Bishop’s recommendation and was awarded the UEEN’s highest combat medal.  At age 38, he was the youngest officer in UEEN history to attain this rank. 

Pappy had a strong will and even stronger convictions.  He tended to speak his mind, and didn’t hesitate to step on toes.  His rapid ascension brought him both fiercely loyal followers and jealous opponents.  At the time that he returned to service after recovering from his wounds, the UEEN was withdrawing significant portions of its fleet from the frontier to defend inner systems frightened by the Vanduul raids.  Wade knew this was a mistake and argued loudly against it.  Some in the UEEN High Command took exception to his aggressive complaints.

glenn pappy wade

Still, he continued to have the ear of many in power. When he offered a plan to form a new fleet, dedicated to patrolling the frontier systems, it was quickly approved.  Approval, however, was merely the first battle in the war.  Due to resistance within the UEEN High Command, his requests were delayed or outright ignored, for months.  Then, without warning, his project was shelved.  Frustrated, the UEEN’s newest and youngest Admiral resigned and left the service that he loved in mid 2947.

Not one to give up, Pappy decided to make use of the recently enacted Militia Mobilization Initiative to carry out his plan, Navy bureaucracy be damned.  Upon reaching out to former subordinates, he was gratified to find many supporters who were willing to leave the service and join him.  He also still had friends in high places, particularly Admiral Cynthia Nakashima.  She privately informed her friend of military vessels being retired or broken up and helped him obtain them, as well as officers and crew to run them.  It was through her that he managed to get his hands on his old destroyer, the UEES Dunlevy.

The Admiral selected the Stanton system to gather, organize, train and equip his new force due to Crusader Industries’ excellent orbiting dockyards and the lack of UEEN presence.  An old friend, Russ “Ripper_vtol” MacDonald became his Executive Officer. After conferring with his new staff, it was decided to resurrect the name of a famous fleet from times past, Carrier Strike Group 3.  Once the fleet was successfully formed and brought to combat readiness, they would move it to the border areas to set up a base and begin countering Vanduul and Pirate operations in earnest.

The Advocacy in the Stanton system was stretched beyond capacity, lacking the resources to police the system effectively. When offered assistance by the fledgling CSG-3, they gladly accepted.  This worked to help tamp down pirate activity in the system and provided combat training for the rapidly growing formation.

Another critical player from Pappy’s past, Doctor Michael “Miek” Price, answered the call as well.  He immediately set about building the fleet’s Medical Corps almost single-handedly.  This irascible character, quick to crack a joke or humorous gripe, was a skilled and dedicated healer.  Before his Corps was even fully formed, he would lead small medical teams to areas in the system where they were needed.  This effort and CSG3’s increasing assistance to the Advocacy in the struggle against piracy gained them support and fame with the local citizens.

Eventually, a grizzled former Marine known as Colonel Jace “Defrost” Fenner, showed up at CSG3’s recruiting station with a small cadre of his jarheads and offered to establish the fleet’s ground force.  His offer was quickly accepted and after only a single bar-clearing brawl with the sailors, they became an integral part of the formation.

Recon in Force over Virgil

Realizing that the task ahead was a monumental one, an effort that would require the backing of like-minded militia groups, Pappy began to look for trustworthy friends.  The dockyards were shared with another, smaller company called Kallisti Exploration.  Although the groups seemed to be dramatically different, some of the officers established a friendly relationship in one of the local watering holes and grew to know each other quite well.  It turned out that its director, Margaret “Mag” Reynolds, and Kallisti had something very useful to offer CSG3…expertise in exploration and long range reconnaissance.  

After lengthy negotiations, Kallisti eventually accepted a lucrative agreement to become part of Carrier Strike Group 3.  They mustered in as the new exploration and long range reconnaissance unit, VP-77 “Kallisti Squadron”.  Kallisti members accepted military ranks and became a formal part of CSG3’s structure.  They would prove themselves to be an invaluable addition to the fleet.

Soon, CSG3’s position was strengthened by contact with a second militia group.  On one of its regular patrols, the locally-celebrated Squadron 43 found itself ambushed by a large formation of Nine-Tails pirates over Delamar.  The squadron held its own, but was being seriously pressed when a new, unidentified group arrived on the scene.  Commander Matt “Strabs” Conner feared the worst, until the third unit began to tear into the pirates from behind.  Together, the squadrons decimated the Nine Tails before the remnants finally broke and ran. 

Pleasantries were exchanged, the assisting formation was identified as Squadron 110, and they agreed to meet back at MacIntyre and Victor’s in Lorville.  Quite a few members from both groups attended, but the CO of the 110th, Admiral Tex, and CSG3’s Battle Fleet Commander, Captain Jack “Spartan” Steiner, were stunned to recognize each other as old friends from their UEEN days.  After warm embraces and ceremonial (and painful) arm punching, the celebration began, extending late into the night.  This chance meeting was followed quickly by formal agreements and the establishment of CSG3’s first real alliance. 

csg 3 fleet

Today CSG3 continues to grow, train, and patrol the Stanton system.  New mining, supply and transportation units have been formed in order to help the group raise operating capital.  With their new friends, they look to the future.  They anxiously await their moment to bring the fight to those who would prey on the UEE and its citizens.  This time they would free Virgil once and for all.