Friday, February 26, 2021

Guide to CSG-3


As you may already know, Carrier Strike Group 3 is military simulation unit for Star Citizen. However, below are some ideas and such for CSG-3 that you might not have been introduced to as of yet. Herein, we will go through some of these ideas and concepts that have already been laid down and are planned on being implement for the unit once Star Citizen (SC) goes live.

Recon in Force over Virgil

First off, how about we start with CSG-3 unit wide operations. There are already plans to get the entire unit together for various missions inside SC. Some of these missions may include, but are not limited to: Star System Security, pirate hunting/stronghold assault and capture, Logistics runs, and the like. When I say something like 'Star System Security', you may be thinking something akin to 'what the hell is that?' This idea refers to something akin to a Military Campaign, like Vietnam, Operation Iragi Freedom, or the like. This idea specifically would entail selecting a system that may be rampant with pirates or be the constant target of the Vanduul, and trying to 'stabilize' it by guarding high priority targets, mining/space stations, or whatever else may be done to assist in the protection of that particular system. Another unit operation that we might take on is a calculated attack on the Vanduul. This is not supposed to be read as a "suicide mission” but an assault that we would have a good chance of winning.


Preparing for a stealth strike at the Vanduul Driller during the battle for Virgil

Apart from unit wide operations, there will always be Squadron operations that will be lead by said squadrons CO, or their appointee. There will also be the ability for anyone to get a group together and go do whatever kind of missions that they might like, except piracy. This could include bounty hunting, exploration, logistics/mercantile runs, or anything else that will be allowed in SC. There are also ideas to do unit Logistical runs that would entail the combat elements providing escort for the logistical ships in order to accumulate assets/money for the unit. Squadron 11 is the Scouting/Exploration squadron, but this does not mean that they are the only ones allowed to explore. Everyone within CSG-3 can partake in any aspect of SC that they would like to without regard to the squadron they belong to.


TLDR version:

  • CSG-3 unit wide operations will be conducted
  • Squadron Ops will happen at their COs discretion
  • Anyone within CSG-3 can partake in any aspect of SC
  • Piracy is prohibited while a part of CSG-3
  • Group missions/Ops will happen regularly with pick up groups often
  • Unit assignment specifies the main aspect of SC that you wish to partake in
  • There will be awards, though they will mimic military criteria and not 'achievements'
  • Unit Campaigns are planned, think Vietnam/Iraqi Freedom
  • Qualifications will be implemented in game with the central idea being that these quals will show a certain members abilities within SC
  • Training sessions will be set up in game with anyone being able to teach a class
  • Official Ops: each person will be requested to fulfill their role within their assigned squadrons, if they are not needed, or needed elsewhere, they can partake in another aspect of the Op
    • Members of a specific unit will have first choice to partake in their aspect of a mission, ie 5th Commando members will have first choice on Command assignments
    • Members with applicable qual badges will be given more consideration for an assignment, ie someone with a Capital Ship Engineers Qual badge would get primary consideration for a ships engineer spot compared to someone without
    • Qual badges show that said member has shown a basic understanding of a particular job
    • Even without qual badges, members will get chances to participate in a certain aspect of play
    • If needed, a rotation based system will be implemented to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate in any aspect of SC that CSG-3 will participate in. Caveat: we will not give command of a Capital ship to just anyone.
  • 5th Command members will lead any boarding/counter boarding operation
  • 5th Commando members will also provide shipboard security for the Battle Fleet
  • CSG-3 will have ceremonies for significant occasions, ie awards/promotions/KIA/ship launching
  • There will be unit social events outside of operations
  • CSG-3 was created to protect the UEE, our main missions will be against the Vanduul and larger groups designated as 'Enemies of the UEE' in a military fashion
  • If able, a private server will be set up for training purposes. Want to walk around and learn the layout of a Javelin? Part of this plan is to set up an area where all of the available ship types are present so that anyone can log in and practice etc at their own pace



These entail some of the ideas that have been thrown around either on the forums or on TeamSpeak. Since we have yet to actually get into SC, these are just some basic ideas as to how the unit will operate in the Persistent Universe. These are all subject to change but the purpose is to have fun while giving everyone an opportunity to participate however they choose in a relaxed-military atmosphere.


Work in progress