Thursday, January 21, 2021

Multiple Unit Memberships

Members are not allowed membership with other Star Citizen in game groups. The only exceptions would be for Social Orgs, and approval must be sought for these exceptions. This could become a conflict of interest. It is also a possible security risk to unit assets and thus is prohibited.

Qualification Badges

A qualification badge is a show of advanced proficiency in a specific area. Qual Badges are a means to allow Operations Commanders a quick synopsis of a Sailors or Marines advanced abilities. These advanced Qual Badges could encompass, but are not limited to: Zero G Marine Operations, Advanced Leadership, Naval Tactical Training, and Advanced Fighter Combat. The training and awarding of such qualification badges would be at the behest of the CSG 3 leadership.

Fleet Uniforms

Uniforms for members of CSG-3 will be mandatory only for official unit functions. The uniform to be worn will represent the members primary MOS as it pertains to either the Navy or Marine Corps. The configuration and attire for each uniform will be determined at a later date.


Unit training will be established on an as needed basis that will be wholly up to the Squadrons, Platoon, or Fleet Commanding Officer. The procedure for instituting and processing training will be at the direction of the said units Commanding Officer. Training that is implemented by the Admiralty will be on a volunteer basis and not required as a base rule. Any training program that is instituted within CSG-3 will not be excessive or offensive to those participating. Said training programs will take into account the nature in which this entire Unit operates: "Laid Back game play (worried more about fun then being "Competitive")" as directed by the Admiralty.

Unit Awards

Unit awards SOP will be established at a later date. IDEAS: A few basic awards maybe for someones primary MOS like Marine Grunt/Aviator/Navy Capt or whatnot. A FEW. Though these could be badges to signify said members primary MOS within the unit. Separate from Qual Badges. After those basic ones, maybe only additional awards for major multi-month operations or if we say acquire a Bengal Carrier. Something MAJOR that affects the entire unit and a decent part of the SC 'verse. This entire system should be simple and easy to implement so as not to bog down the primary awards person/committee. Or something akin to a Medal of Honor for extreme heroism in the line of duty. Primarily a simple system.

Unit Promotion System

There are two separate methods for being promoted within CSG-3: Time in Service or Meritorious. Time in Service corresponds to how long a member has been in the unit. Time in service promotions correspond to promotions up through the rank of Petty Officer or Corporal. Meritorious promotions are awarded when the Officers above said name member feels they have earned and deserve a higher rank within the unit. Meritorious promotions apply to any rank higher than Crewman Specialist or Corporal to include Officer promotions.

New unit members are assigned the rank of Cadet. Upon a completed tour of duty with the Fleet Academy, of a minimum of 30 days, the Cadet will be promoted to a new rank. This new rank will be based on the members new primary MOS, and they will then be promoted to an appropriate rank related to their new unit. In order to achieve a rank higher than this basic rank, said name member must earn a Meritorious promotion. Meritorious promotions can be awarded at any time without direct consideration to a members Time in Service within the unit. Any unit CO or higher can award a meritorious promotion for an open position that is no higher than one rank below the awarding Officers rank.

For example: A CO (O-5) of a Navy Fighter Squadron would like to promote an Ensign (O-1) to the position of Squadron XO, traditionally reserved for a LtCmdr (O-4). Seeing as the promotion to LtCmdr would be one rank lower than himself, the CO is authorized to do this.

Personnel Etiquette

The etiquette of personnel within CSG-3 is expected to be conducted in a professional and mature manner. At no time should a member within the CSG make degrading remarks, either verbally or non-verbally, to or about another person in any capacity. These negative remarks that are not permitted can be, but are not limited to, the following topics: race or ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, or any other issues/topic that could be construed as generally insulting. The personnel of CSG-3 are expected to be professional and mature in their dealings with anyone else who is either within or without of Carrier Strike Group 3. The unit forums are also not a permissible location to have discussions relating to these topics. These discussions generally become inflamed and chaotic in a very short time and are thereby prohibited. In short, if you think someone might be offended, then it would be a good idea to not do it.

Communications Usage

CSG-3 utilizes both forums and a TeamSpeak server to enable a wide range of method to communicate with other members. The use of unit communication systems is a privilege. If these systems are abused, the privilege will be revoked most commonly by a unit discharge. These systems can and should be utilized in a fashion that can expedite communications between members. These systems should be used as such.

UCMJ- Uniform Code of Military Justice

The UCMJ is the legal code for the military of the UEE. The UCMJ will only be utilized under circumstances that warrant such. The unit is not, nor does it intend to, get into the habit of dispensing discipline. If the actions of a member of the unit becomes unruly, aggressive, disrespectful, threatening, or downright distasteful, disciplinary actions will be processed. The Admiralty of CSG-3 has the final say in matters pertaining to unit discipline. If the infraction is complicated, then a meeting will be convened with the member who committed the infraction, their direct CO, and the primary members of the unit leadership. These matters will be dealt with in an expedited manner. If the infraction is deemed to be on a large enough scale, the member who committed the infraction will be discharge from the unit with no allowance for re-admittance. Infractions of a less heinous nature will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The leadership and members of Carrier Strike Group 3 will endeavor to cultivate an environment where disciplinary actions are not required but instances can happen.