Friday, February 26, 2021


SUBJECT: Training Units
TO: Command Staff CSG-3
FROM: CSG-3 Fleet Command


It is my great privilege to introduce you to our two new training units. These units will train our new recruits in proper etiquette and unit operating procedures. All new pilots and small craft crews will be assigned to Squadron 93 Tiger Sharks. Here they will learn our practices and procedures for small craft operation and support.

The Tiger Sharks will consist of many flights, each being dedicated to a particular squadron function. Unit command has yet to be assigned. All new capital ship officers and crew will be assigned to the TV17 UEES Randle. The Randle has been purchased from the UEE Reserve Fleet. After a shakedown cruise, she will begin operations as a training ship. All new crewman will learn their skills on the Randle before being transferred to a permanent ship position.

Unit command has yet to be assigned. High Command will be issuing orders for both these units in the new future. More to come.

VADAM Glenn "Pappy" Wade
CSG-3 Command